DUBLIN, 13th March 2017 - ML Capital is pleased to formally announce the launch of the Quest Convertible Absolute Return UCITS Fund, a convertible arbitrage strategy hosted on the MontLake UCITS Platform. MontLake is a leading independent platform for UCITS funds that provide investors with access to a range of liquid, transparent and regulated investment products domiciled in Dublin.

The MontLake Quest Convertible Absolute Return UCITS Fund utilises a fundamentally and quantitatively driven strategy that yields superior risk-adjusted, uncorrelated returns. This strategy seeks to capitalise on the global macro cycles of equity, credit and interest rates that drive the constantly changing valuations in the convertible universe. Quest's investment philosophy is that a well structured portfolio of liquid, high quality Convertible and Equity-Linked Securities can deliver superior absolute returns with a low volatility return profile. The philosophy is put into practice via a thematic, top-down investment strategy that harnesses the inherently superior defensive characteristics of convertible securities coupled with their robust upside potential.

The fund is led by Frank Campana and James Doolin, both of whom have decades of experience in the securities industry, dedicated to trading and investing in convertible securities. Further, the Quest portfolio management team has worked together for more than 23 years and has successfully implemented a time-tested scalable strategy through numerous market cycles, which included periods of unprecedented volatility. This has enabled them to win numerous industry awards for outstanding investment performance on an absolute basis as well as versus its peers.

Speaking today, Frank Campana Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager of Quest Convertible said: "We are pleased to offer our convertible thematic driven strategy to a wider audience across Europe through our new UCITS Fund on the ML platform. Investors want exceptional client service, reporting and active oversight in a properly regulated fund structure and that's exactly what MontLake delivers."

Eyal Perez Founder of Genesis Advisors stated: "I am very excited about the opportunity to work with Quest, given the team's tremendous experience and reputation in the convertible space. The track record they have built over the past 16 years is definitely the best and longest among their peers both in terms of performance and risk adjusted basis. The UCITS vehicle is now giving them the full visibility they deserve among the European hedge fund community."

Cyril Delamare, CEO of ML Capital commented: "We look forward to working with Quest Global Advisors, given their long track record in the industry and are delighted to partner with themselves and Genesis Advisors to launch their UCITS Fund. As the first convertible fund on the platform, we look forward to seeing it progress." 

About ML Capital                                                                                                                                                                          ML Capital is a forward looking and leading independent investment management firm specialising in European regulated fund structures. As an award winning platform provider, we partner with the very best of investment managers to bring to market the latest most appropriate fund structures to comply with the raft of incoming regulatory requirements, whilst meeting the ever increasing expectations of investors. The group currently manages $3.2 billion. 

ML Capital handles all aspects of the fund structuring and launch on investment managers' behalf. Through our dedicated network we offer fund sales and distribution if required and have had comprehensive coverage of investors in all key European markets for the past 20 years.

Our goal is to provide the most appropriate fund structures to maximise distribution opportunities across all key markets. Our solutions bring together market leading service providers with some of the very best minds in the regulated fund space; providing well managed European investment products with the highest levels of service and governance. We ensure that all incoming investors and partners come in with the full knowledge that they are investing into structures that are designed to protect and preserve investor interest.

MLC Management Ltd acts as third party management company for UCITS and AIFMD funds. Offering better compliance, oversight and management facilities than self-managed structures, the management company is the future of fund structuring; as the industry responds to the desire of investors and regulators for greater substance, we believe management companies will become the structure of choice for new funds, as others move away from self-managed fund structures. 

About Genesis Advisors                                                                                                                                                         Genesis Advisors is a hedge fund advisory & seeding firm focusing on best-in-class alternative asset managers with a special expertise in providing them with UCITS structuring, seed capital and exclusive promotion.

Genesis was established in Geneva in 2016 by Eyal Perez and is FINMA Licensed & Regulated.